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Our Process

Vision and expertise are instrumental in achieving your financial goals, but it’s the process that ultimately leads to results. At VI Institutional, we follow a rigorous and thorough client process to ensure that no element of your financial life is left to chance.


To navigate to a destination, you must know your starting point. Our process begins with a deep dive into your personal profile, your financial situation, your values and your concerns. We then listen carefully to your goals and objectives, even as we guide you toward sharpening your vision for the future.

This knowledge that we gain during discovery allows us to understand you as a three-dimensional person—not just an account number. And that knowledge is the raw material of a successful relationship.


Drawing on our team-wide knowledge and experience, we pinpoint what we believe are the best strategies, solutions and products for achieving your goals. Our analysis privileges low cost, simplicity and appropriate risk that is commensurate with your objectives and comfort level. This phase of the process results in a comprehensive plan for your review.


Once your plan is in place, we oversee complete action of each item. The VI Institutional team implements certain recommendations directly, and we work closely with third-party experts, such as accountants and attorneys, to accomplish recommendations within their purview. We assist to ensure that your entire team is pulling on the oars in tandem, moving you in the direction of your goals.


The monitoring phase of our client process is the longest in chronological terms, and it’s vitally important. We continually study your progress toward your objectives, making changes as warranted to keep you on track. And we communicate pro-actively and clearly with you so that you are fully informed as we work toward achieving your goals.

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