We manage all the assets in your life.

Why choose us

Where you are today is a function of what you’ve achieved so far. Where you’re headed next—that’s where we come in. At VI Institutional, we provide thoughtful, expert guidance and proactive support, centered solely on our clients’ best interests and free from hidden agendas.

Multi-Dimensional Wealth Management

Your financial life isn’t limited to investing, and neither should your advice be. We provide broad and deep expertise for all your needs—from retirement planning to charitable giving, from executive compensation decisions to estate planning.

We also help businesses to clarify their strategic goals and to evaluate opportunities and manage risk in order to achieve those goals. We are recognized for our consulting support to company management before, during and after transitions.

Independence That Benefits You

Too often, big Wall Street firms are preoccupied with meeting sales goals rather than helping to ensure their clients’ success. As an independent firm, we are free of this conflicted culture. Our entire team is empowered to do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals.

As our client, you can be sure that when we recommend a product or solution, that recommendation is based purely on your goals and needs. We face zero pressure to push any investment or other product.

Our Fiduciary Commitment

Vita Intellectus is a Registered Investment Advisor, legally bound to provide advice that serves our clients’ best interests, period.

Supporting our fiduciary commitment is our fee-based compensation structure, which is customized based on each client’s needs and desires. We never charge sales commissions or accept compensation from any party other than the one we’re entrusted to serve—namely, you.

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