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Transitional Wealth Planning

Life transitions occur frequently and require careful consideration to the impact it will have on your life. Often times we overlook the significances and what it means personally during these periods of divergence. It is natural for change to paralyze us, scared to make a wrong move, attempting to avoid this by making no decision. Unfortunately, these can be crucial times to make irrevocable decisions that are time sensitive, where having an objective advisor looking out for your behalf is invaluable. Even in avoiding a decision, you have made a decision. At Vita Intellectus, we measure the importance and significance of each turning point. Transitions range in complexity but often come in the form of a promotion to the C-Suite, Business start up, Acquisition, expansion, or sale. They may also take the form of Marriage, Divorce, Retirement, or Wealth Transfer. Transitions always provide opportunities for growth. We identify and target these positive possibilities instead of getting immobilized by the challenges.

With compassion and patience, we help you to understand the choices, options and responsibilities that lie ahead. We assist you in organizing priorities: Certain financial matters need immediate attention, while others, even though they may seem critical and pressing, often make noise and create chaos when focused on. We provide the practical information and assistance to help ensure that all decisions and actions are handled when they need to be, taking the emotional distress of the decisions out of the equation.

With our knowledge, experience and support, we help clients to move forward through simple and difficult transitions, with confidence, clarity and simplicity.

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